Founded in 1982, Westmark Enterprises Inc was built on a vision of providing invaluable service to its manufacturers and thier customers, implementing practices that would ensure success and growth.

Westmark works to develop relationships with manufacturers and engineers who see the need to have a direct link between products and the contractors who sell and install them. This “pull through” marketing strategy builds demand for the product, ultimately allowing the companies to brand themselves and establish credibility on a trade level.

As an industry leader in brand and product development, Westmark maintains a thorough understanding of market trends as well as supply and demand forecasting. Working to provide a progressive and informative sales operation, Westmark continuously implements product and field training to its associates, contractors, engineers, wholesalers and end users, ensuring that they are providing the highest level of service, information, and support to all customers.

Westmark is currently comprised of 29 associates with our main warehouse located in Santa Fe Springs, CA. Our outside sales team of 16 associates are responsible for marketing residential, commercial, irrigation and industrial products in Southern California, Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii.

Founded on the solid belief that a true product representative forms a partnership with its manufacturers, customers, and end users, Westmark Enterprises prides itself on proactively leading the industry in:

  • Pull-Through Marketing
  • Brand and Product Development
  • Understanding Market Trends
  • Supply and Demand Forecasting and Projections
  • Extensive and Continuous Product Education of Sales Team
  • In-House Technical Support

Specialists in Commercial and Residential Markets:

  • Contacts and Networks with Industry Leaders
  • Proactively Providing Product Specifications On Jobs and Project
  • Job Tracking and Quotation Services
  • Product Warehousing in SantaFe Springs and San Diego