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  • Actuators & Controls, Mixing Valves, and MORE!

    Westmark's manufacturers for industrial applications make only the best quality parts and supplies. Know you can count on them.

    Learn more about the specialized services Westmark and their manufacturers offer to make your job, and your customer's job, easier!

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Newest Westmark Partners!

Brand new members of the Westmark Family of Manufacturers.

    Ball Valves, Gates, Globes, Checks, High Performance Butterflies, Regulators, and Backflow.
  • ERIC'S SONS - The Drain Brains
    Trench Drains, Slot Drains, Stainless Steel Trench Drains and Radius Trench Drains.
  • GOSS
    Professional Torch Equipment.
    Residential Hydrants, Commercial Hydrants, Ground Hydrants and Angle Sill Faucets.
  • More manufacturers coming!
    Our team is forging new relationships daily. Be part of the excitement!

Westmark News

We've been busy about the business of our partners...

  • Westmark's Fresh Angle
    As of May 1st, 2015 Westmark has a new board of directors consisting of the new owners / partners, Brad Owen, Jason Benak and Shaw Turnage. These gentlemen bring a wide range of ages, backgrounds and experiences to lead Westmark into the future.

    On a similar note, Westmark would like to thank our manufacturers we represent. It is an honor to represent these great manufacturers and we are thankful for their loyalty through these new changes. Please stay tuned for further updates on our new lines and new staff.


Counter Days, And A Trade Show Near You!

  • @ the Job Site
    Westmark highlights our focus on wholesaler counter days and trade shows with the latest instructional working displays featuring: Goss Torches, LACO products and NuvoH2O.

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